Community Guard is a trading style of Aurora Global Solutions Limited. We are registered in the United Kingdom with Companies House under reference 08739886 at  61 Frinton Road, Holland-on-Sea, Essex CO15 5UH. Working together to keep our community safe.

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The reality of Policing in Tendring is that we have a good team of dedicated, award winning and highly experienced Police Officers in our area. These men and women are tasked to spend their time responding to an ever growing number of emergency calls and do a great job! The problem is that this leaves very little time for those good old fashioned patrols. That is where Community Guard fits in…

Community Guard was established in October 2013 by former British Army Soldier Stephen Bearsley and fomer CID Police Officer Frank Cattrell. Where possible employs retired military, Police and other emergency services personnel. We aim to provide community focused security service to homes and businesses to executed with exceptional care and consideration.

Services include:

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